The rose

What used to be a seed in dirt is now a blossoming rose through Christ<3
when you good the good get betta, when you bad the worst things will get
— Hollywood
As our muscles receive strength so as our faith through Christ
— Hollywood



It doesn’t matter how slow you go , as long as you do not stop
— confucious
God is Good he is speaking through my heart to my mind, of positivity, while the devil is the negativity, so who do you think i listen to
— Hollywood
Love is the fulfilling of the Law,
God is NOT gonna force us, nor treat us belittled, we are not a slave but we are free, and he will cause us to walk with him so that we can learn that he is God and we are his people before thinking about no faith, and no inspirations, HEAVEN??????? IS MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION but GOD??! is my only inspiration, the law is based on love, we have to honor and respect one another && then we will love one another
— Hollywood

Source: pleasethyself

we cannot fail to create faith in our mind, since its already in our hearts, we have to understand that we can have answers to questions that we ask, we can already know and learn the answers through not 1 but only, Jesus Christ
— Hollywood
people hate bein told they act, and look like somebody else, but they’re steadily trying to be them secretly, hmm….. we should learn how to balance inspirations and self-expressions
— Hollywood
I hate awkward silences over the phone, that’s why I’d rather text.